Benefits of Drumming


Ancient cultures have used drumming for centuries as a way of communicating, celebrating and to mark special occasions. Interactive drumming forms a powerful way of releasing creative energy while at the same time reducing stress levels and encouraging focus, making a group more receptive to listen and learn. Drum circles continue to be a growing phenomenon world wide. Countless groups from high powered corporates to school children to old age pensioners have enjoyed the addictive sensation of making music together by using percussion. It is the fastest growing holistic health trend in the United States and quickly catching on worldwide.

Reduces Tension, anxiety and stress

Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. Even a brief drumming session can double alpha brain wave activity (calm and relaxed), dramatically reducing stress and producing feelings of euphoria and well being.

Benefits of Drumming

Provides a medium for individual self-realization

Drumming helps reconnect us to our core, enhancing our sense of empowerment and stimulating our creative expression. The advantage of participating in a drumming group is that you develop an auditory feedback loop within yourself and among group members. Each person is expressing themselves through his or her drum and listening to the other drums at the same time. Everyone is speaking, everyone is heard, and each persons sound is an essential part of the whole. This helps build camaraderie among the group as well as self esteem.

Health ..emotional and physical

A recent medical study indicates that drumming together boosts the immune system. Led by renowned cancer expert Barry Bitman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases NK cancer cells activity. These are circulating white blood cells that seek out & destroy cancer and virally infected cells (see Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity and enables healing to begin. The physical stimulation of drumming removes blockages and produces emotional release. Sound vibrations resonate through every cell in the body, stimulating the release of negative cellular memories.

Benefits in a drum beat

Benefits of Drumming
  • Promote co-operation as opposed to competition
  • Develop listening and expressing skills
  • Stimulate creative thought processes
  • Define common ground between participants
  • Active playful stress reduction
  • Teach teambuilding in new unique way
  • Suitable to any age, gender and culture - Conflict resolution
  • Improves concentration skills when working in a group
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Fun & Uplifting
  • Can be located nearly anywhere at anytime

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