rcles Children's Drumming Parties


Sound Synergy has created an interactive drumming session especially to cater for children's birthday parties and celebrations.

We bring African Drums and percussion toys for each child to participate in a captivating rhythmical show. Our Ghanaian djembe drums are super easy to play and we have small sizes especially for children.

The focus is to get all the kids engaged, involved and having fun, interacting with one another through drumming and rhythm. Drumming is a great way to improve concentration and listening skills and also promotes self expression and creativity in a fun relaxed environment. Children's Drumming Parties

No previous musical experience is necessary and children of different ages and gender can mix together to enjoy a carefree session.

We slowly introduce the drums and percussion toys such as shakers, bells and woodblocks and explore there sounds, tempo's as well as introduce call and response games.

An amazing soundtrack has been carefully crafted to enable the children to be layered within it and play along to the ultra funky beats.

A drumming party creates an awesome atmosphere and parents are also encouraged to join in the fun. Children's drumming parties are an exciting unique activity that thoroughly engages all the participants.

We service the areas of Byron Bay, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and up to Brisbane


"All the kids had an absolute ball and the "big kids" are still raving about what a blast it was."

"We had such a great birthday party for the boys this year. Gareth was super organised and showed up with so many instruments we were quickly entertained and getting the rhytyhm".

"It was a great way to loosen up the party and we felt like we were putting on a performance in our own backyard! We think we will also have an adults only party next time...too much fun. "

Each session is tailored to suit all ages with special shows adapted according to age - from 3 - 103

Blue Card Approved! - The official working with children check for child safe environments

Children's Drumming Parties Children's Drumming PartiesChildren's Drumming PartiesChildren's Drumming Parties

Children's Drumming PartiesChildren's Drumming Parties

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