Corporate Teambuilding using Drumming and Drum Circles Corporate Teambuilding using Drumming and Drum Circles

Corporate companies can now successfully access and unravel the mysteries of team dynamics by simply using the magic of sound and rhythm in a drum circle format. A sense of energy, unity and common purpose can be achieved by an entire group within minutes of partaking, and the results are felt and heard instantaneously. Playing music together is a true teambuilding experience which immerses the group into an activity where they share the same time and space together.

Every member interacting within the drum/music circle is as important to the outcome as the other. It is experienced that every instrument's sound has its own individual part to play within the make up of the music. However it is when they are joined by there colleagues that the music transforms into a powerful driving force, uplifting the energy of the group to spine tingling levels.

Our sessions are designed to relax and inspire participants. No musical experience is necessary and the sessions are structured for absolute beginners. If you can tap your foot along to a beat then you are a potential master drummer in our eyes.

The focus during the sessions is on careful listening and working together as one. Every instrument used is as unique as the individual playing it. When we play together as a group all of these unique voices are heard. If someone falls out of rhythm the loud powerful beat played by the majority will pull them back in to synch. As long as the majority keeps the integrity of the base beat then as a group, as a company the potential is unlimited. Many analogies can be taken from the sessions and related back to the working environment. Staff can easily relate as they have just experienced the session and it is fresh in their minds of how well they worked together to create beautiful music within the soundtrack.

By working harmoniously together to create music, people experience tremendous feelings of oneness and working towards the common goal of supporting the rhythm. It makes a big difference to feel connected to your company and the people you work with closely. A business is a community, and the value of a united community is priceless.

Drumming will entertain, de-stress, rejuvenate and energize your staff in the most profound way. The synchronization of energy formed from your session, will leave your staff with a lasting memory of unity and creatively working together whilst having a fantastic time. This can then be constructively used for the remainder of your conference/sales meeting and referred to for years to come.

Our sessions are hassle free and the only requirements are chairs and access to a power point.

Corporate Teambuilding using Drumming and Drum Circles


Sound Synergy can adapt their sessions to a variety of different scenarios to fit your individual conference needs. Our sessions are suited to absolutely everyone. All ages, genders and races can participate equally in a non intimidating environment.

The sessions can be as relaxed or as energetic as the individual desires. Some people dance madly to the rhythm and others just chill out, enjoying there own inner groove. The main goal is that everyone participates and adds a little something to the general rhythm created.

Our most popular sessions are as follows:

1. Energy Shift (50min duration from 5-200 people)
This session is the most popular and is suited to a variety of conference situations. Ideal for Opening/Closing conferences, Corporate recreation, Icebreaker, Evening entertainment, Stress relief/Relaxer, Teambuilding and generally improving the overall energy levels of the group. Drums, percussion toys and boomwhackers are used within the specific sound journey soundtrack set up for these sessions.

2. Ambient Relaxer (20min from 5-100)
This quick session is ideally suited to break up a day of meetings to let everyone relax. It is great to relieve tension people have built up during the conference and get them rejuvenated for the meeting to continue with fresh minds after lunch. This session uses a variety of percussion toys from shakers, bells to wood blocks and triangles. It also incorporates the use of boomwhacker tubes and uses a specific accompanying soundtrack. No drums are used.

3. Team Performances (1hr 30min from 10-200)
This session includes the energy shift session and then once competent and relaxed with the different instruments, we split the group into smaller teams. Within these smaller teams they will take what they have learned from the main session to put together a small performance using various instruments. They would then return and perform there collaboration in front of each other. This session is great to get different teams communicating and working together. Its fun and a great way for employees to show there collaboration and leadership skills.

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