Festivals and Social Events using Drumming and Drum Circles Festivals and Social Events using Drumming and Drum Circles

Sound Synergy presents an act that is unparalleled in today's entertainment world. Catering for intimate crowds from 5 - 200, each person attending receives an instrument. The instruments are made up of quality strap on West African Djembe drums (up to 140 provided) as well as various percussion toys (up to 160 shakers, cow-bells, woodblocks etc).

Imagine if you can the following scenario. The lights dim & the rumble of assorted instruments are facilitated into a crescendo. The noise is deafening. The facilitator making wild gestures obtains attention and controls the noise shifting it into gentle fingertip tapping like rain drops. Each instrument group within the audience is showcased, demonstrating the potential of this huge percussion orchestra. Atmospheric sounds emanate from the surrounding speakers creating a surreal platform for the show to commence. The energy is palatable.

Jungle noises reverberate and pan throughout creating the sense that the audience is located deep within the rainforest. A hypnotic rhythm emerges as if directly from the jungle. The sound flows, drifts and pulses throughout the room facilitating a shift in group consciousness. The leaders drum calls out and the group responds. This is just the beginning of a 45 min sound journey that reaches new dimensions in group synergy. Every person heard as one and a feeling of togetherness as they are immersed within the soundtrack……….they are the soundtrack………..they are the show!

Uplifting tribal beats flow seamlessly into ambient soundscapes. Each instrument layered perfectly into the soundtrack to allow the journey of sound worlds to commence.

Let Sound Synergy bring there enchanted rhythm to your next festival or special event.

DJ/Live percussion performances in accompaniment to the Sound Synergy album are also available.

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