Live Performances using Drumming and Drum Circles Music Therapy using Drumming and Drum Circles

Heal The Body, Sooth the Mind & Feed the Soul <br> For centuries drums have been known for there powerful magical properties. Traditional healers of many different cultures from around the world have used there intangible qualities for music therapy throughout the ages. <br> Only recently however, have we begun to understand the changes in body chemistry produced by drumming, with recent fascinating studies published in 2001 by Dr Barry Bitman <br> Playing </td> </tr> </table> <!-- Middle --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width=980 height=43 style="background:url(images/bottom.gif) no-repeat;padding-left:55px;"> <br><br> <!-- Bottom --> <font color="#000000" size="1" face="Arial">© Copyright - Sound Synergy C.C.. All Rights Reserved.</font> <!-- Bottom --> <br><br><br> <a href="drumming_circle_facilitator.html" class="botnav">Client Reviews and Photos</a> | <a href="rs_about.html" class="botnav">Profile</a> | <a href="rs_form.html" class="botnav">Booking</a> | <a href="rs_cont.html" class="botnav">Contact us</a> | <a href="benefits_of_drumming.html" class="botnav">Benefits of Drumming</a> | <a href="drumming_cd_soundtrack.html" class="botnav">Shop</a><br> <a href="drumming_corporate_teambuilding.html" class="botnav">Corporate Team Building</a> | <a href="drumming_conferences_events.html" class="botnav">Conferences & Events</a> | <a href="drumming_festivals_social_events.html" class="botnav">Festivals and Social Events</a> | <a href="drumming_music_therapy.html" class="botnav">Music Therapy</a> | <a href="drumming_school_colleges.html" class="botnav">Schools & Colleges</a> | <a href="drumming_weddings_parties.html" class="botnav">Weddings & Parties</a> | <a href="drumming_music_soundtrack_production.html" class="botnav">Music & Sound Track Production</a><br> </td> </tr> </table> <br><br><br><br><br> <!-- Centered Bottom --> </td> <td width="33%"> </td></tr> </table> <!-- Centered Bottom --> </body> </html>