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Sound Synergy was formed in 2001. We are a Professional Drumming Company that uses percussion and rhythm to synergize and uplift groups of people across all social spectrums regardless of age, gender or cultural backgrounds.

The interactive sessions are lead by Australian owner/founder Gareth Jones. Gareth started his rhythmical love affair playing drum kit in hard rock bands, but moved on to more traditional African drums whilst traveling. "I discovered and fell in love with the djembe drum (from West Africa) during a round the world journey. This journey led me to Southern Africa where I settled for years based in Durban. For someone who loves drums, the hypnotic rhythms that fuse Africa together was like a wonder land for me……such beautiful harmonies, entrancing melodies and pulsating hypnotic beats".

During this time Gareth traveled throughout Africa, and in particular Ghana, to study the traditional rhythms of the country with master drummers from the African Bez Alel Company. It was after this trip that he decided to make a career from his passion and set about steering his life towards that goal. "I traveled to Hawaii to attend and become a graduate of Arthur Hulls Rhythmical Alchemy Workshop" (Arthur Hull is recognized internationally as the head of the drum circle movement, being a key note motivational speaker and master of group facilitation, responsible for pioneering the experience to the world) It was here that I started to develop my facilitation skills and learn how drumming circles could be adapted to various social situations.

Six years later of running a very successful Interactive drumming company within South Africa he decided to return back home to Australia with his family. "I have had the opportunity to work with some of Africa's best drummers, performed & help produce some amazing shows over there & facilitated major drumming events for up to 800 people. I have been given a foundation in rhythm that could only be obtained from playing and experiencing music with African people and have had the opportunity to develop and fine tune my facilitation and rhythm skills in front of thousands of people over the years”.

My aim with all my sessions is to use this knowledge to take people who attend to another level of consciousness, and experience a group synergy like none other. My shows are continually evolving and by combining ancient wisdom with modern musical technology, I can offer a session that pushes new boundaries in social interaction and teambuilding. By immersing people within my music and taking them with me on a sound journey I move them all on to the same page where they become a driving collective force, working in harmony together as one. The results are instantaneous and these sessions can be related back to many different facets of personal life as well as the working environment".

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