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Drum CircleYou enter the room your body pulsing to the hypnotic rhythms that surround you. Excitement fills the air as you notice beautifully crafted Ghanaian drums on each seat. Under the chairs are all sorts of percussion toys that provide a variety of weird and wonderful sounds. There are also different colored boom-whacker tubes that make different notes. You cannot help yourself any longer pick up the drum and feel the vibration tapping into your body, mind & spirit. The facilitator takes control and the group becomes at one with the beat. Everyone aligned, feeding off each others energy. The soundtrack flows seamlessly with the layered live instruments, creating a driving collective. What once was a group of individual strangers is now a powerful harmonic tribe. This is communication beyond worlds; beyond language….it resides within the realm of pure sound and natural rhythm.

Our sessions take drumming and drum circles to a whole new level. By using additional sound recordings to accompany the sessions we achieve an immersive auditory experience like none other. Surrounded by state of the art **sound system** you will play music together experiencing the empowering sensation of playing to a unified beat. Each participant with a tuned West African djembe drum, percussion toy and boom-whacker tube are transcended into the world of sound and rhythm. Each person along with their instruments are expertly woven into an amazing sonic journey that is guaranteed to stir the soul.

Tranquil rainforest sounds and gentle rhythms flow seamlessly into uplifting tribal beats. The sound reverberates into you, through you and around you generating a group synergy that is unsurpassed. Highly textured soundscapes and evocative sonic backgrounds transport the group together on a journey of sound worlds. This is the totally unique awe-inspiring Sound Synergy session.

**Sound System**

Amount varies depending on size of group
  • Up to 6 X PA speakers 4 X 400W 2 X 270W
  • 2 X Sub Woofers 400W
  • Controlled ambient lighting
  • Microphones
  • 10 Channel Mixer
  • Laptop running Pro Tools Studio
  • CD/MP3 player

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